Things to know about Hobart handler 140 [500559] Buyer’s Guide/Review

Hobart 500559 Handler 140

  • Brand/Model: Hobart 500559
  • Weight: 66.5 pounds
  • Style: Welder
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Warranty: 5-Year’s Lim Warranty
  • Included Components: Unit, Instruction Guide
  • Installation: Method Mig-welding

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V Review

Best for welding the Hobart handler 140 is one of the best and wide-fed welding machines best in quality and durability. This machine is available with the use as a MIG welder and is considered as one of the best and valuable way into its class. The machine runs on quite a standard 115-volt power source and is considered best for the purpose of farming. It can also be perfect for a light engineering business or any kind of home workshop. This bears an ideal way for auto bodywork and is also capable of heavier projects. This machine can easily weld ¼ steel with a smooth stable arc for every single project. This is a quality MIG welder delivering top performance.

The Hobart welder bears the power to be the best welder for sheet metal and is comparatively perfect with Hobart handler 210 MVP. This only needs 20- amp circuit for the best of their performance. On the front side of the handler 140, a five-position voltage control selector which would let to alter the arc permitting smooth and stable movement between materials of different thickness.

The handler 140 mid welder is constructed with an industrial cast aluminum drive system with a heavy-duty work clamp. On the upper settings, it is going to weld the mild steel and stainless steel with confidence. Even the users have made on Hobart handler 140 reviews with positive response as it is. The users can actually work through about a quarter-inch thickness as the welder is made upon stainless steel.


The handler 140 looks like an ordinary corded- electric MIG welder. It measures around 19 x 11 x 13 inches and weighs about 57 lbs. as its capabilities, which are quite portable. The only thing that limits the instrument is the duty cycle is 20% at 90 A. the handler 140 includes basically everything that would need to get started with the MIG welder. This includes a MIG gun, gas hose, dual gauge regulator, and 10 ft power cord and cable clamp. This includes an eight-inch spool adapter with a pair of extra 0.03 contact tips and a 0.03 sample spool of flux-cored wire. The following for its performance is proved to be one of the best welders for sheet metal.


The Hobart 140 MIG welder is quite compacted with the flux core welding unit. It’s quite popular being simple and is best when compared to many other models out there costing more money. This is reasonably strong with the power of 140A. The use of MIT capacity or functioning of the machine and can help with welding even thin materials. These can be like stainless steel, steel, and even aluminum. Even the additional flux core options can be used when it’s thicker stainless steel or kind of steel materials. It can also be marked close to the Hobart handler 210 MVP when it comes to performance-wise.

Other quality

The Hobart handler 140 also includes a setup guide ensuring the process making works simple in every manner. This is manufactured in the United States and is supported with 5 years warranty from the industry.

Honest Pros and Cons of Hobart Handler 140

Perfect speed.Not suitable for industrial use or very thick materials.
Not as portable and looks better.Can be used for small projects.
Can lose gas while welding and can optimize the weld settings.
Requires less cleaning and is easier to control
Requires changing consumables.
Perfect power options and need a clean welding surface.

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One can have some of the exclusive features which make it a unique welder.

  • Bears the wire drive structure which is produced with the best industrial-grade cast aluminum drive structure that is durable and holds dependable clamps.
  • Provides a perfect user chart that is going to assist with selecting appropriate settings.
  • Comes with a voltage regulator with five different position setting. This is going to assist with easy modification of the curve and helps with getting a stable and smooth curve at varying depths.
  • Have a slanted dashboard and a 10 foot MIG gun that too with a ground clamp. This is helpful in carrying out the welding tasks without the need to move the welders all over the place.
  • Have two gauge controllers which can be used to weld 24 gauges to one quarter inch thickness of the steel.
  • Do have a protective inbuilt wire with fast release driver roll levers and a gas hose which is 5 feet long.
  • This is available with an input voltage of 115 VAC and 20 percent of 90 amps duty cycles.
  • The inbuilt contractor that works out of the box and can make it easier to use. This ensures with the electric cords get cooler electrically when it is not in use.
  • Features with four different kinds of voltage outputs and wire feed tracing setups that adjust to suit varying types of material and thickness quite easily and fast.

Final Conclusion

The machine is excelling in its performance being ideal for auto bodywork and is also capable of welding ¼ steel with a smooth stable arc for every single project.

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